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Vinayak Kolte

Mr. Vinayak Kolte is an exemplary figure whose unwavering commitment to ethics, values has set a high standard for others to emulate. His astute business acumen is widely recognized, and his compassionate and people-centric approach has earned him the admiration and respect of many. He has been working in the Mining and Minerals Industry since 45 Years and served his tenure till 2023. 

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Himanshu Kolte

Mr. Himanshu Kolte is the brainchild behind HNK Group.

His tenure has seen the Group expand rapidly into a range of major Industrial sectors mainly in Automobile, Defense, Aerospace, Locomotive, Iron and Steel.  

He has been working since a very young age. He is known for his humbleness and ethics and has a particular interest in Technology. With professional expertise in over 20 software, he is a valuable asset to our company which believes in major change towards the working culture, product development and environment in India. 

He possesses a deep passion for music. With a wealth of experience as a professional Music Programmer and Sound Designer, he has made significant contributions to the audio production of numerous Bollywood films. 

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